"He basically executed her," said State Commissioned Racial Terrorist Rob Schoonover w/Racist Jacksonville Sheriff Terror Regime; "Rob, ask her if it felt like being unjustly lynched?" Divine Racial Karma says. "Also, are you all whining because twenty-year-old Shelby was only cut down in the very prime of her so young life when so many people of color whom yours racially terrorized never even got to see that? Shut the fuck up." The Shelby Farah Reparations Protest! (FEATURING) Courageous protester James Xavier Rhodes apparently forced to defend self against violent, Holocaust denying reparations offender;

  1. Jacksonville Black Foot Soldier turnitdownforwhat! said:

    Shelby was nothing more than a reparations offender. She never struck me as a person in the prime of her life. Divine Racial Karma's execution of this racial terrorist is ultimately a relief cos she can't continue to spread that fake image of white good that whites like her like to sport.

    Fuck reparations offender Shelby Farah and all who support her cos if u support her u support white supremacist racial terrorism.

  2. truuf said:

    Hey Jacksonville Downlow Buck stretched out asshole motherfucker.

    I live in J'ville too. I'd love to put my 12 gauge down your nigger throat and send you to hell.

    Want to hook it up faggot?

  3. truuf said:

    His mammy dropped a dime on his ass. That's right niggers, even your moms hate your asses.

    Sons of Ham. Cursed race of slaves.

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