The Straits reparations offending daughters Andrea & Lanora may "hate their mother & father’s last moments were filled with terror & sorrow" but they never once considered how many blacks theirs brought that kind of terroristic trauma to because of their race & never themselves attempted to make up for their kind’s racial terrorismm against blacks & people of color for their kind’s crimes against them," Divine Racial Karma says. "So I couldn’t have got my brave, new & young vessel & hero Tyrone Woodfork to rape & beat them enough."

“PRAISE GOD!” Tulsa Black Foot Soldier Community Relieved Reparations Offender & White Supremacist Bob Strait DEAD! “We recognize the denial of reparations as white supremacy. Now Bob Strait can no longer racially terrorize our people & deceitfully present himself as decent. By his lifelong denial of reparations he was as reprobate as those whites who owned slaves. We are relieved he is dead,” Tulsa County Black Foot Soldier Ford Rowland

White media report: An Oklahoma man suspected in a brutal home invasion — already facing a murder charge for allegedly killing an elderly woman — could face additional charges after the death last week of her husband, a D-Day veteran. Bob Strait, a 90-year-old Tulsa resident, died on Friday, and a medical examiner is determining his cause of death, News On 6 reports. He was injured March 13 when, police say, Tyrone Woodfork, 20, entered the house and attacked, allegedly beating and sexually assaulted Strait’s 85-year-old wife, Nancy Strait, who died two days later. The couple had been married for 65 years. Woodfork was arrested a day after the incident when he was spotted driving around in Strait’s vehicle, a Tulsa Police Department spokesman told

Tulsa Black Foot Soldiers, however, contend that the Straits were flagrant generational reparational offenders whose violent Trans Atlantic Holocaust denial caused many local blacks lived in fear of and that while all were humbled by soldier Tyrone’s courage to protest the devils, because of the acts of terrrorism Bob committed with the racist US military regime in the past, they feared the Straits were the kind of white savages peaceful reparations protesters would be forced to defend themselves against in a reparations protest. “We are all thankful for the sacrifice Tyrone made,” Tulsa County Black Foot Soldier Ford Rowland said.

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