1. truuf said:

    From the report:According to Morris, Candice Owens’ brother had punched Dowlen in the face behind a tobacco store on Central Ave and Dowlen later came looking for him. Dowlen came upon Candice at a home on 12th Avenue East in Springfield, the two exchanged words and… “Dowlen shot Candice’s legs out from under her and when she fell, Dowlen walked up on her and shot the rest of the bullets into her body.”

    Typical bitch ass nigger got his ass whipped by a white man and he was too much of a pussy to fight him so he kills his sister with a gun.

    Fucking pussy ass niggers every one of you.

  2. inthenameofx said:

    Our people are better off w/o Candice. She was a racial terrorist and Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Holocaust denier.

    The brothers and sisters in our communities can be relieved she's dead.

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