(BREAKING) Vile Reparations Offender Harry Briggs Proves White Supremacism: Denies Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Holocaust; Turns Joe’s Junction Reparations Protest Violent, FORCES Indianpolis Reparations Protester Desi Thomas to defend self: "We are relieved this apparant racist can no longer assault our people by denying us our reparations rights. Our people are safer without him. Fuck Harry Briggs,"Marion County Soldier Eli Ladd

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  1. truuf said:

    God has judged ye dumb nigger motherfuckers. Ebola coming for dat ass. Gonna smoke (and liquefy dem organs) of all da niggaz in Apefrika. Next its gonna come for you.

    Niggers bleeding from they eyes screamin for YT to help and YT just gonna laugh.

    Haha enjoy hell.

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