The Mark Boyd Reparations Protest! "This Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) reparations terrorist death is a blessing for the safety of our people. He thought he could go his whole life spreading his message of TAST Holocaust denial until the the sacrifice of Divine Race Karma reparations activists Deshavonte Kemp & Carlos Jacob Engle. Fuck racial terrorist Mark Boyd & his bicycle." Fayetteville Black Foot Soldiers

Cumberland County Black Foot Soldiers have issued a statement condemning the portrayal of generational reparations terrorist Mark Boyd as a ‘non political, carefree cross-county cyclist.

An Islip man who was planning a cross-country bicycle ride was shot to death by a man and an accomplice in North Carolina last week, racist Fayetteville police regime terrorists say.

Soldiers, however, disparage white media and the police regime’s portrayal of Boyd and assert that his cycling travels  were missions to spread white America’s generational Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) only true Holocaust presentations and promote the national white regime’s TAST reparations denial propaganda across America. “The sacrifice of brothers Carlos Jacob Engle and Deshavonte Kemp is tremendous. Attempting to bring this reparations terrorist into accountability for his violent, white supremacist behavior required a level of courage that is only witnessed in young men who aspire to do the will of God. Make no mistakes about it. Boyd’s public displays were assaultive mockery of our people’s continued pain. It is a great contribution to the right side of history Mark Boyd’s anti black campaign is ended.”

– Cumberland County Black Foot Soldiers


  1. truuf said:

    Too bad the white guy didn't have a gun and blast those niggers back to hell from which they came.

    Curse of Ham, ever heard of it niggers? Mud people destined by god to be slaves for all eternity.

  2. inthenameofx said:

    @ “Curse of Ham, ever heard of it niggers? Mud people destined by god to be slaves for all eternity.”

    I bet Mark use to say and think me type shit. Ask him how he feels about it now. Get back wit' a nigga when u hear from him.

  3. anonymous soldier x said:

    You can see by his stupid smile Mark thought he was a 'good' white. No such thing!

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