(BREAKING) The Divine Racial Karma Killing of Reparations Offender Barry Diffenderfer by Divine Racial Karma’s Spirit of RetibutionLamar Douglas Clark;! Lancaster County Black Foot Soldiers

According to white media:

Barry Diffenderfer simply was in the wrong place at the wrong time when he went to Shenk’s Cafe in the city to hang out with some friends Friday night. “That’s exactly what the police officers said when they came to the house,” said Pam Diffenderfer, Barry’s wife of nearly 25 years. City officers showed up at the Diffenderfer home in East Hempfield Township around 1:30 a.m. Saturday to inform Mrs. Diffenderfer that her husband — a salesman and father of four — had been shot in the back and killed.

“But we know Divine Racial Karma put this filthy generational race transgressor right where he was suppose to be for its vengeance to be acted out upon him. We are thankful today that he can no longer threaten our people with his violent Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Holocaust denials and attack them with assaulting white supremacist reparations refusasl.” – Lancaster County Black Foot Soldiers

  1. inthenameofx said:

    He was a fucking black slavery restitution denying pig who picked over the remains of our people's victimization at the hands of his racially treacherous kind like predators pick over their prey in the wild! Glad he can't assault our people with Holocaust denial no more!

  2. Klansman said:

    You stupid fucking niggers. Y'all come on down south and see if you don't get a bullet between your eyes. You will always live in the hoods and slums. You will always be poor and you will always serve the white man. You are fixing to find out in ferguson.

  3. klansman i hope you get raped and i hope the gang that rapes you is so fuckign white that hitler gave each of them a nazi tramp stamp

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