The Divine Racial Karma Killing of Reparations Offender Parker Archie Moore by apparent chosen vessel of retribution Joventino Bermudez Arenas; "We are relived this genearational racial terrorist is dead & can no longer attack the People in the Family of Color w/reparations denials for his kind’s generational race crimes. The people in our communities are safer without him." Seattle Black Foot Soleir Alford "Issaquah" Shafford

“That these filthy creatures who call themselves humans that are white could and do think they are above the universal laws of nature, God and karma bespeaks the psychological sickness that is now inherent in them because of their unwillingness to change,” says Chesterfield County Black Foot Soldier Hampton McKenny. (Source

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  1. Anonymous said:

    Your Mexican brothers? Hate to break it to you but they can't stand you. Blacks attack Mexicans, whites, and asians at ridiculous rates. They also had you as slaves. When and if the time comes, Mexicans would side with whites without a doubt. We know this country wouldn't be a place worth fleeing to otherwise. You call us brothers? You kill your own brothers, why would we want that? You call whites the devil, but it is you who preach evil against a group of humans. You seem to be the animal, not them. Shame on you for it all, mostly for making the black and Hispanic races look bad, by pretending you speak for them.

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