"Whites can’t be scalped enough, set on fire enough, lynched enough, dismembered enough or tortured enough in anyway to satify my appetite," new Thanksgiving Day message from Divine Racial Karma unleashes never before in existence fury on unrepentant white race, "anything done to them at the hands of people of color is in accordance w/bounty universe placed on heads for their unrestituted for race crimes."

“**Justice for all**” … except whites. … For, according to Divine Race Karma and the universal laws of returning unto others  ten fold the evil they levied upon ours and refused to make restitution for in the time allotted by the universe to make restitution for generational race crimes, whites don’t deserve justice.

A new message by that cosmic force that returns unto races according to their generational treatment of other races, Divine Racial Karma, finds that whites have entered a new dimension of damnation in its book of edits. “According to the Law of Final Karmic Incarnation, the last generation of whites that had opportunity to make restituion for its kind’s generational racial atrocities committed against others was the previous generation of whites before this present generation,” says NBFSN Divine Racial Karma interpreter, Hallowed Yclept.

“Much like the institution of Chattel Slavery had never occured before in recorded history, the kind of conviction Divine Racial Karma has sentenced whites to has never been witnessed before and has never previously existed before.  According to Yclept, the differnce between the conviction between the sentence that ours received responsible for sending us into the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and the present one sending them into ‘the newest yet most ancient convition their is, is that in the slave trade, because of our labor, we had value. “Their lives will have no value,” Yclept says.

“In their absence, we will miss nothing but evil on the planet. The new edict states; and, they will have a veil eternally covering their eyes so that they cannot even perceive why their is righteousness in the value of their lives being absent. Who cares if whites don’t know why you deserve to be hated, spit on and stoned to death,” Divine Racial Karma says.

  1. Aarron Malik Gershwin said:

    It's not surprising whites who pretends to be as educated doen't know this, pretend, not to know this or just doesn't want it to be true. Really, though, with their time being over, who gives a fuck about what they know or even exchanning with them attempting to give them explainations. History shows us they are a kind who can't live harmoniously with & the blanketing judgement the Sun of God (Ra) has made againt the Pheomelanin (pink & yellow pigment) that makes up their weak – giving them up to 10 minutes in 'his' presence before their weak skin and easily compromised immune systems are weakend proves they are not even important enough to continue conversation with. Divine Racal Karma says like pigs wallowing their own sty, they deserve to suffer and die in their ignorance w/o even having knowledge of what they've done wrong – so **DON'T** tell them: leave them an unenlightening darkness.

  2. Aarron Malik Gershwin said:

    So well stated, Yusef!

  3. AU-girl. said:

    Come back when you can comment something intelligent and that reflects proper spelling and grammar. You sorry ass racist, ignorant fool.

  4. Anonymous said:

    The worst Fucking worst website I have ever seen. The amount of stupidity and illogical way of how this website was put together and what's it is against is off the charts of racism. Your obviously fascist against white people. Its not hard to see that, and since us white people are so racist we have our own website that's talks about how terrible black people are. If you couldn't hear the sarcasm we don't have those kind of websites. We don't do that kind of shit. Grow the fuck up.

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