"Not only was he stabbed to death, he couldn’t have been stabbed to death enough," Divine Racial Karma translator Hallowed Yclept interprets new message from cosmic principle that returns unto races the portions they are due: The Divine Racial Karma Stabbing to Death of Reparations Offender Jason Taylor Paul by Chosen Vessel of Retribution Mychael King; "We’re thankful Divine Racial Karma gave this devil his due."

  1. Guilford County Black Foot Soldier George Ratcliffe said:

    No, he couldn't have been stabbed to death enough. Divine Racial Karma is right.

  2. inthenameofx said:

    Racially unrepentant white devil(s).

  3. Aaron Lloyd said:

    Slavery and subordination to a superior race is you people’s natural condition. Your race was never happier than when you on the farm and being told what to do… so you didn’t have to THINK.

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