What about poor white trash? Tell impoverished whites to go get their educations, stop depending on the system, stop being lazy & depending on their skin color! There’s NEVER been a generation of LAZY blacks – despite white supremacist depictions. But these SAVAGE cave dwelling mutants have been lazy since day one.

White Poverty Exists, Ignored

Indeed, people here are still talking about the story the New York Times ran in June declaring neighboring Clay County “the hardest place in America to live.” Which was positively complimentary compared to a piece the National Review ran six months before, declaring Owsley “The White Ghetto.” Reporter Kevin D.  Williamson wrote that instead of contemplating their bleak reality, the people here escape it with “the pills and the dope, the morning beers, the endless scratch-off lotto cards, healing meetings up on the hill, the federally funded ritual of trading cases of food-stamp Pepsi for packs of Kentucky’s Best cigarettes and good old hard currency, tall piles of gas station nachos, the occasional blast of meth, Narcotics Anonymous meetings, petty crime, the draw, the recreational making and surgical unmaking of teenaged mothers, and death …” … “You’ve got to understand,” says Logsdon, “people shy away from reporters.” Sure enough, a worker at the Family Dollar store doesn’t want her name used. A woman at a medical conference in Hazard warns everyone in earshot in a loud voice that a reporter is among them. So it goes during a week spent wandering this county and adjacent counties discussing something America almost never talks about: white poverty.

White Poverty Exists, Ignored

  1. Aaron Lloyd said:

    Yes, but that “poor white trash” was here first. You people were just brought over here to do the heavy lifting. You were never EVER intended to freely walk the continent. When the Founding Fathers wrote lofty things like “All Men Are Created Equal”, they were almost all slave owners at the time. So they weren’t even talking about you! In fact, it looks to me like they didn’t even consider you to be human. You are here but you do not fit here. You are here but you are not wanted here. You are here but you are no longer needed here. And you produce nothing but illegitimate children, violent crime and EXCREMENT. Therefore, you are what they call “expendable”. That’s a good thing to remember when you’re itching to tear down the white government. The very institution that protects and nurtures you. Because the rest of us… those who long ago turned the job of law enforcement over to the powers-that-be, do not like you. Do not welcome you. Do not respect you and do not want you. You are the uppity bad blacks. Go back to Africa. Your presence here is no longer required. You have outlived your usefulness. A long, long time ago.

    • No, cave-man, there were already members in the earth’s Family of the People of Color residing here. Yours just came to fulfill the prophesy of you & your kind being the devil. Good luck w/SPF!

  2. Aaron Lloyd said:

    LOL….!! Don’t even try to lump yourself in with the red man! Even though he was simple of mind, he was still a man of dignity and honor. You have no honor to extol and you’ve never bothered to earn any dignity. All you know how to do is to show up in the emergency room on Saturday night with an ice pick embedded in your skull. And even the red man stole this land away from the people who were here before him…. 12,000 years ago.
    Do your homework, boy. That’s assuming that you’re not too lazy to turn on the History Channel….

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