"I have lost strength and partial use of my hand, I live with constant pain in my hand and consequently had my career stolen from me," Racist Fairview Heights Police Regime Terrorist Jeff Stratman; "Praise God & fuck you!" St. Clair County Black Foot Soldiers praise Resist White Police Terror warrior Dallas McIntosh

Ask Ezell Ford, Erick Garne & Michael Smith: “Whites with badges & guns are State commissioned racial terrorists masquerading as representives of the law. Always be ready to protect & defend your family & yourself against white police terrorism.” – NBFSN

  1. Aaron Lloyd said:

    Another thing to think about before you go and wish all the white policemen away… If it weren’t for them, about 50 million rednecks and angry white males would descend down on the inner cities like a hoard of locus. I mean, just what do you think is holding them up? LOL…..!!! Them ol’ boys ain’t “tolerant” like your great benefactor, the federal government is! And they aren’t easily fooled, either… They know what you are!

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