“I would kill all black people if I only had 10 days to live," racially terroristic, white supremacist Camden County High School teacher Cynthia Ramsey allegedly says before class with black students in it; "We call for her immediate arrest on making terrorist threats against our children," says North Carolina Black Foot Soldier Moses Grandy, "It is no wonder why Divine Racial Karma is saying whites can’t be scalped, set on fire, lynched, dismembered or tortured enough in anyway to satisfy its appetite." (Report) Teacher still employed!

“Whites can’t be scalped enough, set on fire enough, lynched enough, dismembered enough or tortured enough in anyway to satify my appetite,” says Divine Racial Karma “anything done to them at the hands of people of color is in accordance w/bounty universe placed on heads for their unrestituted for race crimes.” What should you do if you are chosen by Divine Racial Karma as Vessel of Retribution against whties?


  1. Aaron Lloyd said:

    Just for the record… Blacks have traditionally been held back & hated because they were violent, irresponsible, lazy & stupid. Long ago you people were kept away from white society because we had already seen how you behaved in your own communities. Now the white liberal has stopped all of that. His decree states “Come into our communities, our work-places, our schools and our daughter’s wombs”. Now look at what we got.. Black crime in our neighborhoods, our schools, our families and our everyday world. And to prove that the old ways were right, black-on-black crime hasn’t changed very much since the Jim Crow days. You’re still cutting & killing each other in record numbers. Only now, you’re doing it to us, too. You people are sub-human. Unworthy of life. Too bad Mother Nature is held back from taking her natural course with you. Almost all of you would be dead of disease, starvation or criminal activity in not for us. And you DARE to talk of reparations…..

    • Aaron, you said, “Now look at what we got.. Black crime in our neighborhoods, our schools, our families and our everyday world.” … Know ye not that: until reparations are paid, there’s no such thing as black on white (BOW) crime.

  2. Aaron Lloyd said:

    Every additional day that you rotten cretins draw a breath…. consider THAT your “reparations”. Unworthy of civil rights. Unworthy of human rights. Unworthy of the life that God gave a tape-worm. Just bringing your ancestors to America is a form of reparations, since if we hadn’t, you’d still be over in African eating each other. Here you have a chance to be something better. But all you want to do is rape, rob, cut and kill. Because it feels good. We know what goes on in your evil minds and hearts…

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