The National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) is a network that now has Soldiers in nearly every state in Amerikka.  The NBFSN is a non religious specific, ideological movement that embraces all non-religious specific strategies of all black, Nubian & Nuwaubian strategies that involve the liberation, independence and reparations of our people.  Visit our main site and join the National Black Foot Soldier Network.

NBFSN soldiers are Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Jewish, Yakub Muslim and other faiths.

Explanations for such NBFSN tenets as : White Cops R Racial Terrorists and All Whites R Reparations Offenders are available on the Networks main site. Explanations for how to conduct Street Penitentiary Protests (SPP) when (white) racist State commissioned police regime terrorists like Norfolk’s Victor Decker Newark’s Michael Morgan & Taylor’s Matthew Edwards die in terrific accidents or by brothers who have to defend themselves against White Police Terror (WPT) is available as premium content.  This site is a support site published with the Network’s permission.

Aarron Malik Gershwin

  1. the white girl said:

    racist fucks!

    • Certainly you’re talking about white America.

      Thanks in advance!
      Aarron Malik Gershwin

      • Kill Niggers said:

        No, she’s talking about dumb Niggers like you! Fuck you and your whore Momma!

  2. White, but want to be black. said:

    I’m white and want to make a quick post. I’m not real concerned about typos, so don’t you be either, .
    I am all for the black cause. Give me more welfare foodstamps, cell phone, and more government assistance that whitey works to pay for. Fuck whitey as they work to support our welfare brats which allows me to buy bigger suvs with shiney spinners. Fuck whitey while I leave my black crime ridden, proverty neighborhoods and invade their white neighborhoods, which they work to keep clean and maintained. Yeah fuck whitey, give me black power and all the free shit that goes with it.Kill Whitey Black Power!!! O shit who’s gonna work to support our welfare, lazy ass’s after we kill whitey?

  3. White, but want to be black. said:

    Fuck you, you racist moderator. Post my comments you fucking racist. Black Power!!!

  4. Brandon said:

    Niggers, only good one is a dead one and that still isn’t good enough.

  5. Me said:

    Your all sick pathetic twats

  6. Charles said:

    This is overly disgusting. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. If Westboro Baptist Church,, and Malcom X all had an orgy and a baby was born, it would come out as this website. This is so sad.

  7. Aaron Lloyd said:

    You Blacks are too lazy to get up and walk to your mailboxes to get your friggin’ welfare checks. You’re too lazy to either use a condom or pull out. Consequently, you end up loosing a never-ending wave of unloved, prison-bound, “victims of poverty” on our society in perfect 9 month intervals. You’re a bunch of loser people with a loser’s mentality. And you smell bad, too…

  8. Will said:

    It is disturbing to justify violence in the name of karma. It is disgusting to use Dr. King’s image on this web site for this is just an extension of the KKK suppressing black fortitude with hate. It is undistinguished to expect a man to pay for his fathers sins.

  9. Mike b said:

    You should be ashamed of yourself whoever created this website. You can’t end hate with more hate. You are pushing for a segregated union. Seriously, you have a twisted mind, and you need help. Go fuck yourself. you piece of shit.

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