Antonio Thomas

Sources say sixtyone-year-old Phyllis Stein was washing her car outside her home on SE 1st Place in Cape Coral on Wednesday afternoon when she was abducted by twenty nine year old Antonio Thomas. Reportedly, however, Lee County Black Foot Soldier sources believe Thomas did identify himself as a peaceful reparations protester before, alledgedly, he was forced to defend himself against Stein after she turned what was suppose to be peaceful activism violent.  

Race Karma, Beverly Hope Melton & Nikolas Miller

 Championed by Divine Race Karma, Thomas is also accused  stealing Melinda Pensinger’s car and forcing a fifteen year old female devil into the trunk.  While contacts note that Thomas has a record for non-violent offences, NBFSN Divine Race Karma translator Hallowed Yclept is noting that his actions against whites were driven by the supernatural force of Divine Racial Karma and that he should not be held accountable for any crimes under penalty of so-called ‘white law’.

Racist Lee County Sheriff regime terrorist Mike Scott says Thomas  served time in state prison for dealing cocaine. Attempting to account for Thomas’ recent so-called crimes, “something snapped and sent Thomas on the murderous spree. He has literally ravaged innocent victims in this community. He is a vicious individual, killer frankly, (who) knew no boundaries.” (See: There Are No Innocent Whites)

“The criminals in each case are the whites whose prosperity is afforded from the racial terrorism of their kind’s forefathers. It is amazing that these whites today who still yet deny restitution for  their kind’s crimes against those in the family of the people of color believe that Divine Racial Karma will excuse them. They should ask Phyllis Stein and Melinda Pensinger if they were excused.” Yclept says.