Assistant District Attorney Andrew Arrington

Montgomery County Black Foot Soldiers have reportedly issued a re-condemnation of comments made by local reparations offender Brooks Autrey against Alabama Black Foot Soldier icon  Leon Mann Jr  and using them for a series of peaceful reparations protests they will presumably launch against the descendants families of direct and non direct Trans Atlantic Slave Trade reparations offenders in a reported 2012 Montgomery County Reparations Collection campaign that will allegedly begin on the first day of Summer (June 21, 2012).

“No one living due blame for slavery I was amazed to discover that I, and all other white people living today, were responsible for slavery,” Autrey is reported as saying in the Opinion section of the Montgomery Advertiser. “How this came to be I do not know. I’ve tried to live in peace and raise my family in the fear of God, but there it was in print. I surely must be responsible for this terrible evil that happened some 150 years ago. Give me a break. In his letter, Leon Mann Jr. declared “current-day whites who deny responsibility for slavery continue to perpetuate the attitudes that allowed slavery to have existed in the first place in America.” I am white and I categorically deny any responsibility for slavery. In fact, I defy you to find any white person living today who is in any way responsible for slavery in America. I can promise you this. I don’t owe you, or anyone like you, a dime of my hard earned money. In fact, I don’t owe you anything but to love you. With attitudes like yours, that’s a gracious plenty. ” (Source)

“Denial of the reparations for slavery is racist and agree with Alabama Black Foot Soldier icon  Leon Mann Jr’s position that current-day whites who deny responsibility for slavery continue to perpetuate the attitudes that allowed slavery,” Montgomery County Black Foot Soldier William Westmoreland is reported as saying at an assembly Soldiers held to discuss the 2012 campaign. “

Soldiers are using the County’s 1860 Census to learn the surnames of County whites in hopes of identifying descendants of slave owners who presently still reside in the County like assistant Attorney General Andrew Arrington who Soldiers say is suspected of being directly related to savage Montgomery county slave owner Samuel Arrington who, according to the Census, owned as many as 146 slaves.

“Whether they are direct or non direct profiteers of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, whites need to know that whether they acknowledge the Holocaust or not, we are holding them accountable for their kind’s racially terrorism and attempted genocides against us; and that, until the government makes restitution to us from the top down, we will actively pursue that restitution from the bottom up.”