Black Citizens

DETROIT — Refusals by the Detroit Police Department, the FBI, and the U.S. Attorney’s office to criminally charge officers Michael Osman (#4788) and Michael Parish (#4436) may end up costing the city millions of dollars.

Lawsuits claiming they raped Black men during traffic stops in 2006, performing anal cavity searches, are now on course for trial in county and federal courts.

Eleven men have sued for compensation for the assaults, pain, and humiliation they say they endured. Both the City of Detroit and the officers are defendants in the suits. Other cases have been settled for varying amounts out of court, with others never filing suit.

Terence Allen Hopkins, 28, of Highland Park, will likely be the first to face his alleged tormentors, in a trial set for Sept. 28 in front of Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Michael Sapala. He is represented by the law firm of Marvin Barnett and Associates.

“[Osman] pulled my pants down, underwear and pants together, pulled them down,” Hopkins said in a deposition about his May 13, 2006, encounter with the officers. “He had his hand on my butt, fingers on my rectum. Swipe. He pulled my pants back up.” (Link)