Burbank Sergeant Neil Thomas Gunn

Los Angeles and California Black Foot Soldiers have issued a joint statement, this afternoon, calling on “more of the State’s police officers” to “step up and have the courage to of Burbank Sergeant Neil Thomas Gunn.”

On Thursday, fifty year old Gunn, a 22-year veteran, shot himself himself at the intersection of North Sunset Canyon Drive and East Harvard Road.

“Will Johannes Mehserle step up to the plate and do the only honorable think there is for him to do, too?”In a statement released to the the local media and the National Black Foot Soldier Network, Los Angeles Black Foot Soldier Augustus Dubois asks.

According to news reports, Neil was under investigation for possible Civil Rights violations.

(Below hear Burbank Sergeant Neil Thomas Gunn Suicide Theme Song)

Though there almost an endless number of versions of the Na Na Hey Hey jam, my favorite’s when brothers and sisters sang it toward Bush at Obama inauguration. I think it appropriate to use as a serenade for Burbank Police Officer Sergeant Neil’s Thursday suicide.