Capt. John Wayne Haddock

Grenada County Black Foot Soldiers have issued a statement saying they are relieved racist Grenada police regime terrorist (so called) captain John Wayne Haddock is dead and say they are very pleased with the violent and terrible way he was killed.

“Our community is relived this devil who attempted to pass himself off as a representative of justice is dead and no longer has opportunity to racially profile and harass our citizens,” says Grenada County Black Foot Soldier,  Isaac Simmons.

“Let us rejoice that the body of this despicable State commissioned racial terrorist was thrown over 200 feet. Let us know that this is our God’s way of saying to us this is how far this hypocrite was removed from justice.”

Grenada County Black Foot Soldier Woodrow Daniel 


“As we hate racism and injustice, we hated him. While we do not do not encourage disrespect to his grave, we know that it is worthy to be pissed and shitted on everyday after his despicable body is placed into the ground. Fuck John Wayne Haddock. We praise Allah  & God for the speeding car that so abruptly ended his life.”