Casey Ray Vice

“With the spirits of our past and present ancestors now risen, abiding with us and commissioned by all the Divine Principals to, with due interest, return unto whites the atrocities they have committed and continue to commit against us (and for their their failure to make restitution for their race crimes), we now know that they (the spirits of our fallen past and present ancestors) have been released from their Divine Tombs and that they are filled with the fiery retribution Divine Race Karma is spitting and dispensing its visible condemnation against whites unrepentant blasphemies against the planet and her people. 

Yes, through the spirits of our ancestors, Divine Race Karma is now knocking at the doors to the souls of our people to see who has enough courage to let it enter and be  its hands and feet.” 

– New Collective Conscious Minister & Divine Race Karma Interpreter Hallowed Yclept