Catherine Burke

NETWORK STATEMENT: “The NBFSN can not control the wrath Universal Divine Racial Karma is unleashing against the white man due to his unrestituted for generational racial atrocities he has committed & commits against the earth’s people of color. Their atrocities are solely responsible for Her wrath & not a jot or tittle of what he has done to others multiplied by seventy shall he escape until it is retuned unto him the universe says” says Counter Terrorism Minister Malachi Louis, interpreted by translator Hallowed Yclept

Below see:  The  Divine Racial Karma visitation  upon Saskia Burke archives: 

Mommy Catherine Burke’s Tears & the Universal Race Karma Killing of Daughter, Saskia: Was William Chosen by God to Exact Vengeance Upon 4th Removed Generational Devil Whose Forefathers’ Sins Sat On Head?

“It was only the Universe’s reaching down and, through the Divine Racial Karma edict it has issued against whites, killing of her vile, eighteen year old daughter Saskia, that apparently moved mom Catherine “Cat” Burke to begin to speak publicly on race – not her race’s historic and ongoing racial terrorism against blacks and against the planet’s other members from the people of the family of color. It is tragic,” Southern California Black Foot Soldier Amistad Cruze is quoted as saying.

 “Most tragic, however, is that her first apparent discourses on race are in the vain of her kind’s forefathers. They are: full of denial of responsibility for her kind’s generational racial crimes against blacks, in denial of the Universal force of  the Divine Racial Karma that took her daughter’s life and missing the asking of forgiveness of her racial sins through public reparations pledges.

“It is impressive that even in Divine Race Karma’s great visitation upon her daughter that evil could remain so deeply entrenched within her. Yes, it is a terrible thing to behold.”

 An excerpt of Catherine’s anti black screed is published below:

My name is Catherine Burke. I am a VICTIM of a Violent HATE Crime! Our 18 year old daughter Saskia was viciously, violently stabbed to death here in our home December 20, 2011 by William Gary Simpson! Simpson grew up as a friend of our son’s, a friend of our family – we’d known him over 10 years! What we didn’t know until after his attack, is that he was raised by a black supremacist!  (And) on December 20, 2011William Gary Simpson came into our home that morning, with the intention of killing my husband and three children, myself, and the 7 other children staying with us over Christmas break. Why? Because – he could not stand for such an ‘inferior race’ to have so much love in their home! He could not tolerate my children, and all the other children, being loved so unconditionally, the way he wanted his ‘superior black parents’ to love him! And so, he planned for almost one year… He ‘practiced’, not only by taking self defense, sword fighting and martial arts classes at college – but by killing! And then he came with an entire duffle bag filled with knives, watching our home for over 2 weeks while hiding out in a nearby foreclosed home, waiting for the optimum moment – to annihilate us all!

“Simpson is a continued threat, every day he lives… To be permitted to communicate with the outside world, because as we VICTIMS KNOW – murderers have their RIGHT to their weekly phone calls to ANYWHERE… Something I discovered in April when Simpson called OUR house from jail! Simpson has the RIGHT to contact OTHER BLACK SUPREMACISTS (,, who can come to kill us, whether it be to remove the witnesses for him, or to finish what he started… Our REALITY, is that at any moment, it could all happen again!”

“Mrs. Burke writes denying Divine Racial Karma alone is responsible for atrocities that befall today’s whites. The  NBFSN can in no way control the forces of Divine Racial Karma & does not encourage violence against whites for unrestituted for gener-ationaal racial atrocities they have committed & commit against blacks & other groups in the family of the people of color.”  NBFSN Counter Terrorism Minister Malachi Louis says.

Controversial California Black Foot Soldier Augustus Dubois is reportedly calling the stabbing death of an eighteen year old reparations offender from a family of generational race criminals yet another an act of the Divine Universal Race Karma Caucasus mountain descendants face for their unrestituted for skin color based terrorism against the earth’s people of color. The teen, Saskia Burkewas allegedly stabbed multiple times by William Gary Simpson Jr. – an African American foster child her family had taken in but reportedly kicked out of their home over a year ago. 


“The universe despises the white race’s concepts of good and justice and, through his sun, which despises all of their flesh, communicates to us that none of them are innocent. While we as humans may want to see some whites as decent, in a blanket statement, Ra and Mother Nature tell us otherwise. For, today – in this new era, all living things with Pheomelanin (color) abhor whites. And as we know that all living things hate them, we also now know that all thing that give life i.e. light, air and water find them contemptible too.”

According to reports, Simpson, 18, stabbed Saskia, her father and boyfriend after entering his former home sometime shortly after 4:00 am in the morning – allegedly dressed as a ninja. He was reportedly seen by witnesses after the testimony running from the house.

Although National Black Foot Soldier contacts have yet to release a statement on Dubois’ reported comments, contacts from NBFSN contacts from New York, Michigan, Georgia, Texas and Nevada are, reportedly, calling them true science.