Deloach Surname

 Was eighteen year old reparations offender Amber Deloach a descendant of William DeLoach Jr. and ultimately of Michel DesLoges whose family, after arriving in America in about 1664 to escape France during the time that the Huguenots were suffering from religious intolerance, and often state sponsored abuse and imprisonment, appears to have used black slaves with the contemptible disregard many hope her family feels today at finding their so ill-gained, richly invested in St. Vincent’s Academy and Islands High Schoo alumni  daughter’s charred remains disposed of like litter left street side near the Yamacraw Village Public Housing projects.

According to research provided by author and journalist Waldorf Caruthers, “It is likely that all persons in the United States with the surname of DeLoach, DeLoache, DeLoatch, or any of the other variant spellings, are descendants of Michel DesLoges.”

“The original Slaves acquired by the the Deloach family  were bequeathed to them,” Caruthers says. “Citing them as owning slaves, over a century later, the Deloach family name appears on Censuses and in other historical documentation in Alabama and also, (here), Georgia (as cited in the JPG above), South Carolina and Tennessee. As a notable mention, Samuel Deloach Jr of Edgefield County is cited as owning seventy-five slaves. While research at this point finds no Deloach’s owning slaves in Chatham County, David J. Deloach of Wayne County is listed as owning (at least 3) slaves.”

“These no-good whites come over here all the time to buy drugs & black thug sex – pimping our souls  out. Everybody in the hood was relieved and happy when we seen it was that car and that devil inside.” 

– Yamacraw Black Foot Soldier Chris Johnson

According to Savannah Black Foot Soldier sources, on Wednesday,  thirty-six year old Chatham County GhettoBraggingRights fave Shan Demetrius Cheley was charged with murder in the Divine Racial Karma retribution visitation. Additionally on Wednesday, author Waldorf Caruthers began releasing publicly and outside the NBFSN both Census and historical information potentially establishing the Deloach family as direct Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) profiteers.