Egyptian Riots

Black Foot Soldier Activist Khael Dahmein, National African American Community (NAAC) leader and publisher of TheUnitedStatesofWhiteAmerica magazine, has reportedly released a statement calling for a National Day of (Non Violent) Rage by blacks against white America to denounce continued economic oppression and inequalities against blacks by whites and the continued denial of economic reparations for the descendants of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

“It is a commentary and indictment against both terroristic white America and (largely) complacent black America that inequality in the United States is worse than that in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen and yet, while the citizens of Egypt riot and the brothers in Yemen educatie their people in preemptive self defense tactics against tyrannical global white regime we all face, that we, the descendants of the most criminal slave trade in history enjoy going to our oppressors movies, watching his news and entertainment programing on his mass media networks and daily support the advertisers and corporations that keep his kind wealthy.”