Eric Forrester

According to Tarrant County Black Foot Soldier sources, 17 year old Eric Forrester was reportedly devoted to his family, his church and his friends. The senior was also preparing to graduate from high school. Local Soldiers say, however, that Tarrant County whites shouldn’t confuse Forrester’s accomplishments and devotions in life with racial good.

“Seventeen year old Eric Forrester was a generational reparations offender from a family of generational race criminals. His denial of reparations for the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade was rooted in white supremacy and this nation’s legacy of historic and contemporary racial terrorism.

“We hold Eric and his family responsible for his piggish ignorance and violent behavior during the apparent peaceful reparations protest that clearly he turned violent. They (his family) are responsible for his death.

“We can only encourage the county’s estimated 309,312 whites to not live as seventeen year old Eric did – thinking that of your forefathers’ racial atrocities you’re not responsible and thus: you’re innocent. Make restitution for your kind’s race crimes & heal racism.”

Tarrant County Black Foot Soldiers