Harry Miree

Controversial Mobile Black Foot Soldier Moses Abernathy has reportedly issued a scathing condemnation against the State’s trial and jury’s verdict against black on white reparations protester Michael Lee.

“Even in the tragic death of one of their privileged sons, it is apparent that the Miree family is still refusing to accept responsibility for their family’s generational race crimes against our people and their kind’s crimes against our people. Infact, this family of flagrant and piggish racial terrorists seek sympathy for the death of their Trans Atlantic Slave Trade denying son.”

According to pro white media sources, the sentencing phase began Monday morning in the capital murder trial of Michael Lee.On Saturday, a jury found Lee guilty of capital murder. The state is arguing that Lee be given the death penalty, but the defense is pushing for life without parole.
“Ben, we have no sympathy for you today. We are thankful for the sacrifice brothers Michael Lee, Bo Taylor, Earnest Wiggins and Jamal Lang made and the courage they have demonstrated in standing up against your continued racial violence against us. For we know that they were chosen for God’s purpose in visiting the sins of the fathers upon the heads of the sons and yet while they might suffer for a short while here in this realm, their reward in Heaven will be great. So, when you talk to him (Kyser), tell him ‘hello’ from the field niggers.” 

SEE: Drinking From The Cups Of Their Fathers: Harry Miree, Russell Ross, Meghan McCain, Anderson Cooper: The Living Children Of The Slave Owners: Unrepentant, Still Denying Justice & STILL Smiling (Part I), submitted by South Carolina Black Foot Soldier Anthony “Norfolk” Crawford

According to Alabama Penitentiary Islam elders, Lee will be welcomed and honored for his sacrifice at whatever State prison he is transported to. “The day of the Great Earthquake is nigh,” Bullock County elder Elohim Shabaaz admonished. “And in that day these false accusers and their families will be put in the very cells they have placed our innocent in and the keys to their dungeons will rest in our hands. Indeed, multiplied by seventy they will receive every jot of evil they have dispensed.”


“Let us give thanks to our God that the sons will not escape the sins of their fathers,” Mobile Black Foot Soldier Moses Abernathy is quoted as saying in a rally Mobile County Black Foot Soldier contacts reportedly held to denounce the continued persecution of the four acclaimed Kyser Miree reparations protesters being illegally held by the State and to state re-condemnation of the Miree family – that is suspected of having direct Trans Atlantic slave trade ties.

“There was no better news to the blacks in this community than news of Kyser’s death.” 

– Mobile Black Foot Soldiers

 According to the Slaves Schedules of the 1850 census, Wm. S. Miree of Perry County Alabama (Only 1 county removed from Jeffereson County Alabama – in which Birmingham resides) owned a considerable number slaves.

“The Miree family is a family of generational racial criminals who, in spite of the daring reparations protest against Kyser , continue to deny accountability for their crimes. We say to that family today that their son Kyser was not good or decent. Rather, he was a piggish racist and Holocaust denier who supported the atrocities of his fathers and believed in the continued racially terrorism of his county’s government. There was no greater or better news to the blacks in this community than that of his death.”

Of the descendants of slave owners, these four names: Harry Miree, Russell Ross, Meghan McCain and Anderson Cooper should be noted by every black American seeking the justice of reparations.

Biographies of the four kids from families of generational race criminals (who yet deny reparations) showcase how the legacy of slavery en-wealthed their families. 

Meghan McCain & 
Harry Miree 

Harry Miree is the brother of dead Reparations Offender Kyser Miree. He is believed to be directly related to the savage Perry County slave owner William S. Miree and has been asked. “(We) really don’t want to escalate something that’s in that category. I don’t intend to respond to those people or websites.” Benjamin Miree father of both Harry & Kyser publicly declared in the referencing link.
Russell , Jennifer, Joseph & John Ross

Russell “Russ” Ross is the brother of dead Reparations Offender Jennifer Ross.
Anderson Cooper

(NEW) THE ANDERSON COOPER REPARATIONS PROTEST: Great Great Grandson Of Savage Slave Owner Cornelius Vanderbilt Condemned For Family’s Unrestituted Race Crimes; Owned Hundreds Blacks, 3,300 Acre Plantation