Internet Bomb Making

Nearing the eve of 2011’s Allahu Akbar day, is the arrest of Dominican born, Jose Pimentel, an apparent twenty seven year old minister and prophet, a premonition of what white America can expect this November 29th? According to New York State Penitentiary Islam elders, who say they are against the use of violence in winning the war against the racially terrorist regime of white America, the West & illegitimate Israel, the chosen will have hard time resisting the trophy of martyr-hood and the divine blessings bestowed upon those who recognize themselves as righteousness’ appointed spirits of karma called to exact holy sermons of retribution against evil for good’s glorification.

“Isn’t the un-sanctified peace Gog & Magog champion we cling to while he makes a never coming & better world better than righteousness’ holy vengeance? Would we rejoice or mourn?”
– Jewish blooded, NY Penitentiary Islam elder Mahmoud Sharone

“The called can become chosen after preaching their sermons,” says Jewish blooded, NY Penitentiary Islam elder Mahmoud Sharone. “And who knows the miracles’ of righteousness when prophesying against The Devil. For as we know the rod can be turned into a snake and the water can be turned into wine, we fear when holiness turns our Korans and Bibles into guns, bombs, matches, razor blades, scissors – the very mechanisms The Devil has terrorized us with – which righteousness wants him to eat. And isn’t the un-sanctified peace Gog & Magog champions for us to cling to while he makes a better world that will never come better than righteousness’ holy vengeance?”

“HIS OWN MEDICINE! Running, Scared & Dead: Our Dreams For The Devil,” the alleged manifest of  Dominican-Born Prophet Jose Pimentel that is reportedly now in the New Collective Consciousness (NCC)? Tap into the NCC today &find out!

Sharone warned that with the US regime’s illegal apprehension of Pimentel, righteousness has moved his thoughts have placed his conceptions into The New Collective Consciousness. “It should be terrible if the chosen of this holiday season rejected The Devil’s turkey for righteousness’ testimony. Would we rejoice?”