Kiunda Burress

Genesee County Black Foot Soldiers  have reportedly issued a statement condemning the parents a sixteen year old generational race criminal, identified as Joshua Steppe, for failing to teach him what his kind owe today’s generations of blacks for the white on black (WOB) race crimes they committed against them in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. Reportedly, they are also condemning the sixteen year old for allegedly turning the protest violent through apparent Holocaust denial.

While members of the racist Mt. Morris Township police terror regime allege Steppe was shot as a result of “being in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Flint Michigan Black Foot Soldier Nu Malcolm X is quoted as saying, “Josh wasn’t in the wrong place at the wrong time. His parents & their parents & their parents & their parents didn’t make up for their race crimes in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. Josh was of his fathers, the devil & the works of his fathers he would have done. We are thankful he can’t continue the racially terroristic ways of his fathers & attack our people with violent reparations denial. It is our belief that Josh and his parents are responsible for the apparent violence that resulted in his life ending. We likewise believe that the evidence proves that brother John Burress was forced into a position where he had to defend himself Steppe.)

Reportedly, the family has been told it will cost $2,000 to embalm the body and return it to Pennsylvania via airplane. According to Pennsylvania Yakub Muslims contacts, however, Steppe’s body is forbidden to be returned to the State and likewise forbidden to be buried in the earth. “His corpse should be burned or cast out into the streets for dogs to maul.” A Pennsylvania Yakub Muslim contact is reported as saying. “For, the Sun of God despised his flesh.”