You filthy white devils won’t diminish Cosby’s character in our eyes whether he did or he didn’t – and if he didn’t, with due interest, the laws of divine racial karma say you certainly deserved it anyway. Even bro. Emmett Till said so. Let them eat silence, Bill! #letthemeatsilencebill

This Cosby was so powerful bullshit. When ever in America’s history has a white woman cried black male rape & regardless of evidence that black male wasn’t lynched, killed or thrown in prison. It is a fact that white America, it’s anti-black media & its anti-black judicial system  would have taken pleausre in the racial humiliation & racist dethrowning of brother Bill Cosby. 

These accusations, by this cabal of racist witches, is nothing more than a collective attempt to tarnish this great man’s works. It is the devil’s attempt to defraud & defame another black man with stereotypical racist lies just like it did with Michael Jackson. Though through the laws of Divine Racial Karma, we know these racist white cunts  certainly deserved to be drugged, sodomized & raped by black males, DRK’s due interest would have had them scalped,  set on fire & dismembered too. We can only continue to support brother Cosby & sit with him in awe of the, though known, wickedness of these despicable female dogs that have learned to walk on two legs & speak English.