Los Angeles Black Foot Soldiers

Numerous reports that the shrine of Burbank (F.A.K.E.) Police Officer Sergeant Neil Thomas Gunn have reportedly been confirmed.

The Burbank Police Department, however, appears to be poised to deny the brazen attack, which is said to have taken place only feet from the doors of the department’s front entrance, occurred

Key contact note, however, that the city doesn’t want to encourage “copy cat urine bombings.”

The small cluster of Burbank Black Foot Soldiers are denying responsibility for the alleged bombing and say minority officers Gunn is suspected of discriminating against are most likely responsible for it.

Los Angeles OOBAN Guerrillas (OG), however, are reportedly praising the attack against Gunn’s memorial.

“So called officer Gunn’s stinking corpse is what needs to pissed on,” the grass root movement reportedly published across their network, this morning.

While there have been calls for Los Angeles Black Foot Soldiers and OOBAN Guerrillas to stage a street penitentiary protest against Gunn’s funeral, no confirmation as to whether a protest will occur has been made.