“All whites deserve to experience the loss Gary & Deena Christian. Somebody remind these desolate demons called whites that this is what their forefathers would have us do unto them.” – Elijah Ahmadinedad

“Channon Christian’s body was placed in a garbage can because according to Divine Racial Karma, that’s what she was. Christopher’s racist body left by the railroad tracks because, according to Divine Racial Karma, that’s where he deserved to be,” says Tennessee Penitentiary elder Elijah Ahmadinejad, a former Brushy Mountain prisoner who, is now incarcerated in the Morgan County facility. 

“Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom are the kind of whites divine universal race karma hates the most,”Knoxville Black Foot Soldier Thomas Searcey is quoted as saying at a reported roaming gathering Knoxville Black Foot Soldiers assembled at  in several places across the city to let the city’s whites know that they support and stand by the Knox5 (Lemaricus, Letalvis, George, Eric and Vanessa) in the daring reparations protest in which the two generational race criminal Christian and Newsom died as a result of the noted racial karma.

According to white news sources, Channon Gail Christian and Hugh Christopher Newsom were a couple from Knoxville, Tennessee who  were raped, tortured and murdered after being kidnapped early on the morning of January 7, 2007. Knoxville Black Foot Soldiers, however, allege the evidence from the case suggests Channon and Christopher did have prior encounters with their alleged ‘carjackers’.  Many in the GhettoBraggingRights community believe the evidence proves a police cover-up  and that Channon and Christopher were buying drugs and violent black on white thug sex from black males in Knoxville.

“Channon Christian and Christian Newsom were reparations offenders and hypocrites. Today we tell all of the county’s near seven hundred and ninety thousands whites that by way of your refusal to make restitution for the racial atrocities of your forefathers and your current support of the racially bias system they designed, Divine Racial Karma want you to know that Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom are you too!

“Yes, Channon’s body deserved to be in a trash can because that’s what the universe sees the devil’s hypocrisy as!“Yes Chris’ body deserved to be burning and abandoned at the railroad tracks because race karma says that’s what your kind has done to ours and not made restitution for!

“The only addendum we can add today is neither of these devils’ stinking corpses should have been placed in the sanctity of Mother Earth. Channon should have been left in the trash can at the house right here on Chipman street and Chris’ body should still be there at those railroad tracks to remind all these filthy, deluded, psychotic and sefl justifying devils that the universe hates you and that the age of your racial karma’s return has just begun.”