Michael Lee hero

“Did  suspected diret Trans Atlantic slave trade profiteer Ben Miree think his family would be able to go on forever without answering for their generational race crimes against blacks? Him and his family couldn’t and, according to the law of God – which places the sins of the unrestituted for sins of the fathers upon the heads of their son – neither can you and your family.” 

Mobile County Black Foot Soldier Azariah Curtis 

Reportedly, on the morning of the reparations protest staged against Kyser, his father, Ben,  says he was awakened by a phone call from a Mobile Police officer who told him his son was shot in the head  and that there was no hope for their son to recover. “That was the start of the worst day of my life,” It’s reported he said crying. 

“Fuck flagrant reparations offender Ben Miree’s tears,” Mobile County and Alabama Black Foot Soldiers are quoted as stating in a joint statment issued in condemnation of the State’s ongoing trial against new Black Foot Soldier icon Michael Lee and the other three defendants being tried by the State for defending themselves against Kyser Miree’s apparent violent white supremacist Holocaust denial. “Our communities and people are better off without this generational racial terrorist continuing to perpetuate the crimes of his racially terroristic forefathers by denying reparations.”