Mickey Hutchens

Winston Salem Black Foot Soldiers are calling the death of veteran Police Officer Mickey Hutchens a “victory in the name of justice and righteousness.”

“Of hypocrites & dead pigs is the life & death of so called officer Mickey Hutchens. His stinking corpse is not fit to be buried in Mother Earth.” – Winston Salem Black Foot Soldier Issac Lincoln

“We know, today, that everything this so called law man represented, upheld and believed in was morally corrupt,” Winston Salem Black Foot Soldier Issac Lincoln is reported as saying before fellow Foot Soldiers who assembled to discuss a street penitentiary protest many hoped to carry out in the event of Hutchens’ death.

“For those of us who made offerings to God, Allah and or righteousness that justice might befall hypocrite Hutchens from the wounds he sustained from brother Evans, we know, today, our offerings were accepted.

“We know that white police are racial terrorists who uphold laws of institutional racism that favor whites.

“While we should never forget the unrighteousness of brother Evans in his abuse of our sisters. In his last moments of life he answered the call to become a hero against the racism and terrorism we face from those who call themselves the law.”

Lincoln says local Foot Soldiers will stage a street penitentiary protest to disrespect Hutchens’ funeral.

Winston Salem Black Foot Soldiers, along with North Carolina Black Foot Soldiers, are praising “the courage” of thirty five year old Monte Denard Evans for standing up against the city’s regime of racist police but simultaneously criticizing him for his disrespectful and, reportedly, abusive attitude toward black women.

“We can never tell when Allah is going to call you to be the hero you are to be,” speaking of Evans’ defending himself against two Winston Salem officers who, reportedly, were harassing him, says North Carolina Black Foot Soldier Moses Grady. “So we all aspects of our lives must be without tarnish in order to receive the respect we are due.”

While record of Evans’ protests against the system demonstrate his potential: In 2006, he was charged with resisting an officer during a traffic stop; and, he was convicted of armed robbery and served prison time, according to some local, Winston Salem Black Foot Soldiers, his (alleged) volatile relationships black women are a discredit to him.

“We are saddened that officer Clark has been released from the hospital but trust that his life will never be the same,” Grady said. “And there are many hoping officer Hutchens will now eat of his hypocrisy in full.

“While it took a real man of God to stand against the evil we battle against, it takes a man whose mind has been poisoned by the very devil he fights against to do psychological and or physical harm to one of our sisters.”

Grady, with near a hundred Foot Soldiers and observers, gathered at a local park to remind local blacks that white police should always be seen as racial terrorists.

Evans was released from prison in 2008.