Muskegon May Stephen Warmington

“Have you seen the mayor Warmington’s crooked smile and cowardly pink skin,” Muskegon Black Foot Soldier Silas Coleman flamed at a rally held near Pine and Dale where twenty three year old Julius Allen-Ray Johnson was shot. “Have you seen punk chief Kleibecker’s crooked smile and heard his fake sincerity? These fake leaders can’t keep drugs out of our communities yet can find niggas on the streets selling them. Another one of our own is dead behind their corrupt justice and hypocritical laws while these two criminals call for calm and order. We will give you calm an order, mayor Warmington and chief Kleibecker. We will give you calm and order like you have never seen or tasted before.”

The rally, held on the heels of Police Chief Kleibecker’s call for citizens to remain calm, was attended by over fifty local Black Foot Soldiers. Members passed out literature to others who watched.
According to Soldiers, Johnson had been a target of local police and illegally held in their custody on more than one occasion.
Soldiers encourages black citizens to mark their cars and other property “black owned.”