New Hanover County Black Foot Soldier Govan Ward


“Joshua Proutey’s death should be a sign to all America’s savage white people that their concepts of good and giving are not Trans Atlantic Slave Trade reparations.”

According to white media sources: “Joshua Proutey was described as a very loving kind, gentle soul, who I don’t know ever had an enemy. “I don’t know that anybody would ever want to harm him,” Patty Proutey, Joshua’s mother, said.

nbfsn-rp-TJPRP-wp“He  was a devout Christian who in his 19 years of life touched many lives. He spent a lot of years of his life in Guatemala doing missions trips and he would reach out to kids who had absolutely nothing and literally give him the clothes off of his back,” Patty Proutey said.

But according to New Hanover County Black Foot Soldier Govan Ward Proutey was a racial hypocrite and Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Holocaust white supremacist who, until the very day he died, refused making restitution for his kind’s generational race crimes against blacks and other people of color.

“Today we piss, shit and spit on the memory and grave of nineteen year old Joshua Proutey and are confident that our community and people are safer without the racial terrorism he inflicted upon us by his violent denial of Trans Atlantic Slave Trade reparations.” Govan is quoted as saying at a meeting allegedly held near Proutey’s home after Wilmington anti black racial terrorist and District Attorney Ben David sought to have bail denied for the akkeged four courageous reparations protesters who are believed to have been forced to defend themselves against Proutey in the mid-December reparations protest. Proutey is believed to have turned the protest violent.

“Today we know that because of the failure to make restitution for their generational race crimes and their continued pro white racial terrorism against the earth’s people of color, existence hates white people and their concepts of giving and good. For today we know that the white man’s concepts of both giving and good are self serving and suited for his own ego.  They’re giving is not done in secret and when they pray, they are as the hypocrites, who pray aloud and standing in the churches  and on the street corners to be seen by men. Indeed today we know that as those hypocrites received their reward in full, like them, Joshua received his reward in full too.