Officer Perry Renn

“Because Of Their History & Contemporary Behavior Against Black Citizens, We Must Perceive All Whites With Badges & Guns As State Commissioned Racial Terrorists Who Threaten Our Lives. Likewise, We Must Perceive All Whites Who Own Guns As Racial Terrorists. We Have Right To Defend & Protect Ourselves & Families Against White Police Terror & Ongoing Campaign Of White Terrorism..” – National Black Foot Soldier Network

They are not the “police” .  They are state commissioned  racial terrorists masquerading as representatives of the law. Our people have the right to protect and defend ourselves from racial terrorists. In other words,  I don’t ever feel protected or served when I see a white man with a badge and a gun coming in my direction. I feel threatened. We have the right to protect, not to stop and, by any means necessay, defend ourselves when we are threatened by these historical and contemporary racial terrorists. Praise the lord, Curse the law and in ancestors, Jesus, Allah, God, Divine Racial Karma & humanity fuck the police.