Officers Johnathon Wilson

Jersey Black Foot Soldier William Still is calling thirty nine year old Jamie Gonzalez’s assault on four F.A.K.E. Lakewood Police Officers “necessary target practice.”

According to local Lakewood city sources, the officers were serving a no-knock narcotics and weapons warrant at around 2:25 a.m. at 1154 Mackenzie Court.

In 2008, the National Black Foot Soldier Network criminalized “no-knock” warrants against blacks and minorities in urban areas or who are from “less affluent backgrounds.”

“This war is black and minority poverty verses white affluence, privilege and wealth,” Still condemned. “Serve your no-knock narcotics warrants on the boats and planes bringing the drugs into our communities. Hypocrite pigs,” he spat. “Until you do your job of protecting us from drugs, we have the right to sell, traffic and use them. We are the ones who have been victimized. Arrest yourselves.”

The shooting comes more than two months after Jersey City police Det. Marc DiNardo was shot in the face after attempting an illegal arrest against Reparations Activists Hassan Shakur and Amanda Anderson.

Four other officers were wounded in the gun battle and the suspects were killed. DiNardo was taken off life support and pronounced dead one day before his 38th birthday.

“There’s not a Foot Soldier or brother on the street whose involved in the struggle who doesn’t want to be the next Hassan Shakur,” Still says. “Today, four’s the lucky number.”