Pastor Varius Valnord

“This is what it sounds like when pigs lie,” New York Black Foot Soldier Caesar Stuyvesant condemned in a private rally held for the beautiful sister, Vionique Valnord, killed by an apparent drunken cop, last week in Old Mill Basin.
New York Black Foot Soldiers are expressing outrage over a blood-alcohol test that found no trace of alcohol in thirty year old officer‘s system who ran her down because the test wasn’t administered to him until more than seven hours after the he struck her.
“These are the kind of men who claim to represent the law,” of officer Andrew Kelly, Stuyvesant damned. “These are the kind evil collusions ours face from them every second of every minute of every hour of every day. White so called police officers are terrorists. This reprehensible hog they call police officer Andrew Kelly is a killer and a liar who deserves to eat the fruits of his hypocrisy.”
Stuyvesant gave no indication how the crime would be handled on the street level or whether a Street Penitentiary Protest would be staged.
Numerous reports allege fellow officers provided Kelly gum, water and even other alcohol absorbants before, during and after his arrest.

Creaux Steele