Pemberton Township

Burlington County Black Foot Soldiers have reportedly issued a statement advising Pemberton Township white not to attempt to bury or hold a funeral for racist Pemberton police regime terrorist Shawn Kitson.

“White males who wear State commissioned blue uniforms with badges and carry guns do not represent the law. They are dangerous racial terrorists. The people hate you!”

“Things that are buried in the earth are sacred,” New Jersey Black Foot Soldier William Still is reported as saying. “Based on his apparent values, so called ‘officer’ Shawn Kitson was a piece of shit who was so psychotic and brainwashed until he apparently really believed he was a good, honest and moral person. But he was not good, honest, moral or decent and does not belong buried in Mother Earth.

” But all should remember Shawn Kitson  was just another morally degenerate and racially psychotic white male who stood against our rightful claim to reparations and stood up for the devil’s concepts of law. Let all those who might mourn his great and righteously terrible death know that they are only able to mourn him because they walk in the conscienceless way of their fathers.

“While once upon a time we might have hoped that these white Devils would eventually find love, decency and justice – we now know that they are incapable of knowing them. We are thankful this hypocrite might no longer threaten and racially profile our people. Fuck Shawn Kitson.”

According to sources, familyKitson’s car left the roadway and struck an elevated manhole cover.
He sustained serious head trauma and was taken to Lourdes Hospital in Willingboro, where he later died.

Still gave no indication  whether Soldiers would hold a protest party on any potential funeral date the reparations offender might have.