Wayne County Black Foot Soldiers are reportedly calling bullshit on the testimony of racist Taylor police regime terrorist Gregory Piche that suggested that Tyress had no reason not to fear for his life and had not been forced to defend himself against white police terror.

According to the State, thirty seven year old Tyress Thearndos Mathews is charged with murdering racist Taylor police regime terrorist Matthew Edwards on July 23, 2010 at the Coppertree Apartments complex.

According to Wayne County Black Foot Soldier Kiante Davis, the State is already “miserably failing at making its case.” The strongest point against the prosecution’s implication that Tyress had no reason to fear for his life has already been made by Mathew’s defense attorney, Todd Perkins.

Davis was referring to comments made Perkins made on Monday – the opening day of the trial:

“You will hear testimony that just doesn’t make sense. And when something doesn’t make sense, you can question its credibility,” Perkins said. “They say they happened on this young man with beer cans spread across the hood of his car at 5 a.m. and the officer is going to his house to get his car keys so he can drive away?”

When Preaching Against White Police Terrorism To So Called “White Police,” What If GOD TURNS YOUR BIBLE INTO A GUN & Endows You With The Holy Ghost Too?
Soldiers allege Mathew’s life was in danger and he had been threatened by both Edwards and Piche. Many say they wish Mathews might have been able to share the word of God with Piche in hopes to attempt to try to change his life (in the way he tried to change Edward’s) life too.

“Brother Tyress attempted to share the word of God with so-called officer Edwards that night and ended up being forced to defend himself against the white police terror we all know so well and have experienced all our lives. So called office Piche needs the word of God in his life too,” Michigan Penitentiary minister Hakim Tariq said.

In September 2010, after investigation, Michigan Penitentiary Islam elders declared Mathews’ actions on the night of July 10th “a legitimate stand against white police terrorism.”