Police Chief Tony Kleibecker

Every city and small town in America has one, says Muskegon Black Foot Soldier Silas Coleman. Every American city and small town has a cabal of whites racial terrorists who sit in positions of authority and who abuse the authority bestowed to them as it relates to the human and civil rights of blacks.Coleman says Muskegon city prosecutor Tony Tague’s findings that the September 23rd police killing of 23-year-old Julius Allen-Ray Johnson was justified demonstrates the workings of this cabal on the local level.

“Whether they are Democratic, Republican, independent, Christian, Atheist or other, there is only one group of terrorists on the planet and they are all white. White people are Al Quaeda. White people are the Taliban. White people are the insurgent group of terrorists who seek to dominate and control the planet. Look to history to see who these so called decent white folk are and to know what these so called civilized people are about. They are demonic racists who have terrorized the earth since their creation.”

Coleman, who says the same cabal that murdered brother Julius Johnson is now targeting his sister, Tunisia Phillips, has called on all local Black Foot Soldiers to stage a street penitentiary protest.