Racist US Military Regime Terrorist Tevin A. Geike. Divine Racial Karma Vessel of Retribution Jeremiah Hill

According to white media reports:

Tears welled up in Kimberly Turnipseed’s eyes as she stood outside the courtroom in Tacoma, Wash., today where the soldier accused of killing a friend of her daughter, Tevin Geike, who was also a soldier, was facing a first-degree murder charge. “He died like a dog,” Turnipseed said. “I’m the mom — the group mother — I consider Tevin Geike my son.

The fatal stabbing of Geike has raised passions, not only because one soldier is accused of killing another, but because he was white, his alleged killer was black, and the incident began with the shouting of a racial slur directed against Geike and his white companions. Geike, who was looking forward to a new life out of the Army after serving for three years, was out with two Army friends celebrating early Saturday morning.

They were walking down a street in a small suburban community just outside Joint Base Lewis-McChord when a car drove by. Someone in the car shouted, “White cracker,” and someone on the street shouted something back, police said.

Black Foot Soldier reports:

 “But as we know,” Says leading Washington state Black Foot Soldier Ashford “Issaquah” Shafford, “reparations offender and racist US military regime terrorist Tevin A. Geike was only receiving the portion he was due for the unrestituted for racial terrorism his kind has terrorized every member of the Family of the People of Color with with a callous and criminal disregard that has surprised not only mother nature herself, yes but even every member of the universe.

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Thought Universe Had Surprise for Dinosaurs? Wait’ll U See Surprise for White Man, Non-Whites’ll LOL! But question: what did dinosaurs do to piss Ra & Mother Nature off? Answer: refuse, reject & deny evolution, “we stayin’,

dinosaurs!” … Sound familiar?

The truth in this straightway against the Caucasians who, unfortunately for themselves, fulfilled every prophesy of damnation against themselves that every great prophet in every holy text ever foretold, is that we are just at  the new Genesiswherein dominion over the earth and all her creatures (but this time too her properties)  has been reassigned.  “Due to their poor ability to (re)adapt to the current minor shifts in the environment without high susceptibilities to the prophesied skin afflictions foretold to beseige the flesh of the generationally wicked,  the immediate and long term affects of increasing Ultraviolet Light in our atmosphere and  global warming are having extreme and exciting negative affects impact upon the flesh, mental and biological faculties of  those who set themselves against us to be our enemies. Likewise, they are having the opposite affects on us.” –  Yakub Muslim minister Jacobi Ali

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“At the white man, that is mankind – and not to be confused with humanity or man, mother nature and the universe, before their current condemnation of them, asked what is this creaturous thing that is before us that tries not only to destroy every species within us and us too ourselves but then also wants reside within the very framework wherin life as we’ve structured it can exist?”