Reparations Offender Ann Harrison

Kidnapped, Raped & Killed: Did 15 Year Old Devil Ann Harrison Get The Racial Karma Her Kind Is Due & Were Roderick Nunley & Michael Taylor Assigned By Allah As Spirits Of Karma So Whites Reap What They Have Sewn?

SPECIAL YAKUB MUSLIM FEATURE: Whitey, the SPF Didn’t Work? The Patrick Lynch Melanoma Execution

East Coast Yakub Muslims are celebrating the completion of the Patrick J. Lynch Melanoma Execution and say its completion should be a message to all whites in Maine that, because of their psycho-racial unrepentant ways, Mother Nature and the Sun of God despise them. “We are thankful today that the Eye of the Sun of God spotted Mr. Lynch and treated his skin as racistly as his kind have treated ours all throughout history,” a statement released across the Yakub Islam Network reportedly states. (See: Sickle Cell VS Melanoma for Dummies)