Reparations Offender

7The entire “Western world” profited and still reaps benefits from both that slave trade and the concept of white supremacy and the institution of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. Therefore, the entire white world owes.
Contemporary whites’ position that they don’t owe for slavery is in the same vain of their morally degenerate forefathers who set forth barriers to make the climate to seek reparations impossible after their so-called abolishment of slavery was set fourth.

“All whites are reparations offenders,” says NBFSN General Cedishon Angelou. “There are direct reparations offenders and non-direct reparations offenders.  Direct reparations offenders are whites from families who owned slaves. Non direct reparations offenders are whites from families who enjoyed either (or both) enjoyed the economic and social position the institution of slavery and white racism afforded them.  We do not see the non-direct ones as less guilty than the ones who actually did own slaves.”

  (See: National Legal & Policy Center’s “The Case Against Slave Reparations” by Peter Flaherty & John Carlisle Dismantled; Ask Rusty Ross: Is Your Property On The NBFSN’S Slavery Repartions List? Featuring Michael “Slave Avenger” Thorpe)

From the 15th Century through the 19th Century, it is estimated that 15 millions Africans were enslaved. The Nations involved the the African Slave Trade – Portugal, Spain, England, Holland, France, the Arabs, and theier Africans collaborators, were responsible for the Enslavement of these Africans. The New World (North and South America) and these Nations Used the Enslavedafricans Labor to Developed their Countries.
It is Time that these Nations, who benefited from this Enslavement of Africans PAY REPARATION of $15 Trillions. The Fund, to be used for the Development these Areas, were Africans were Enslaved. – Brother Gadema Quoquoi

“The very neck she used to narcissistically turn her head up and tilt her nose toward the sky in racial ascendancy to allegedly show her apparent personal feeling of superiority over black people, a hand wielded by Divine Racial Karma stabbed her in reported over twenty times.”

New Jersey Black Foot Soldier William Still

 While Western media channels are reporting the Divine Racial Karma led stabbing of twenty-nine year old reparations offender Kerri Dalton as unprovoked, many New Jersey Yakub Muslims assert the generational racial terrorist and supporter of Western global racial and economic terrorist is an incessant “Nigger Word Thinker” (NWT) and are asking all blacks and people of color who may have heard Dalton think and hurl “nigger” or other anti-black racial epithets toward black people to come forward.


(BREAKING UPDATE) NBFSN Divine Racial Karma translator has reportedly received a new message about the spectacular fire that took eighteen year old reparations offender Amber Deloach’s life from the unfaultering and unwavering cosmic principle that determines punishment or reward according to a race’s generational collective deeds.


“How we should feel for the great fire that now we know was directed by Divine Racial Karma that consumed this apparently self absorbed Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) Holocaust denier’s piggish life. For as we know to love those whom the Sun of God (Ra’s) light shines upon and are not leprosly consumed, we know that those his holy light shines upon with disdain are those he abhors and that those whom he loves should abhor those he abhors too; and, though they have lost their right to be judged according to the content of their character, how should we not want to abhor them?” Yclept reportedly released in an updated statement about the young racial terrorist’s fate.

 “Yes, according to the “Karmic Law of Damnation of the Final Reincarnation(s),” after the “forth and fifth generation of racial violator’s failure to make restitution for forefather’s racial atrocities their condemnation is without redemption and the punishment they receive for enjoying the fruits of their lifestyle  afforded to them due to kind’s racial exploitation of the Native Americans, Mexicans and Africans they enslaved, is to be multiplied infinitely so that their reprobate souls experience seven times more than the hurt and pain theirs inflicted upon others. For by these generations’ continues denial of restitution for their racial crimes, they show their support for their forefathers’ way and drink the very blood of their forefathers’ cups.”



(BREAKING) The Divine Racial Karma Killing of Vile Savannah Reparations Offender Amber Deloach; “We can only be relieved this eighteen year old racial terrorist can no longer terrorize our people through violent Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) Holocaust denial.” Chatham County Black Foot Soldier Ebenezer Creek; (UPDATE) That Divine Race Karma burned this pig dead in the single possession she loved the most, her car, should be a message to all Chatham County’s near one-hundred & forty-six hundred thousand white devils.”

(BREAKING) Reparations Offender Amber Deloach: UPDATE! “She was found dead inside a burning car,” Racist Savannah Police Regime reports; … “But did she burn to death enough & was her burning suppose to be multiplied by 7? ” Divine Racial Karma asks; NBFSN Divine Racial Karma translator translates new damning message from cosmic principle! 

Savannah and Chathman County Black Foot Soldiers say they are relieved that eighteen year old reparations offender Amber Deloach is no longer able to attack the city and county’s local blacks with Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) Holocaust denial. “Thank God our people will never have to endure the insult of her violent racial terrorism again,” Savannah Black Foot Soldier Ebenezer Creek is quoted as saying. “She loved her skin color and car more than  attempting to make up for her kind’s historical and contemporary racial atrocities against us. We can only be thankful to Divine Racial Karma for the burning  fire that is said to have taken her life.

Reportedly, Deloach was a a former St. Vincent’s Academy and Islands High School student. According to sources,  her body was found dead inside her burning Dodge Avenger.

Charleston County Black Foot Soldiers have issued a statement condemning the life of seventeen year old reparations offender Marley Lion. Lion,  according to white media, was shot multiple times early Saturday morning in a sport utility vehicle he parked off Savannah Highway because he felt as though he’d had too much to drink and wanted to go to sleep. He was a 2012 graduate of Academic Magnet High School.

“Marley had just graduated from a prestigious magnet high school and surely had an American history course. 
“Surely this budding racial terrorist  learned of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) and the near century of open racial terrorism ours endured at the hands of his in the post TAST era. So this drinker of his fore-fathers’ wines also knew of and accepted his kinds’ tyrannical  refusal to make restitution for  TAST crimes.
“Infact, this budding white supremacist was ready to go in the direction of the majority of America’s self deluded whites and live his piggish life voting in American elections as a Democrat or a Republican and  paying race based taxes that only perpetuate the system of institutionalization against our people.

  (See: National Legal & Policy Center’s “The Case Against Slave Reparations” by Peter Flaherty & John Carlisle Dismantled; Ask Rusty Ross: Is Your Property On The NBFSN’S Slavery Repartions List? Featuring Michael “Slave Avenger” Thorpe)

White media reportsFrom a trickle to a pour those who knew 17-year old Marley Lion arrived at the Saint James Episcopal Church on James Island. Shocked and grief stricken they filed into the funeral service. An unlikely event held for a teenager so many said was full of promise. The loss of somebody so young with a bright future is hard to rationalize.”  

According to Chester County Black Foot Solder Chester Banks, however, Lion’s ‘bright future’ was afforded at the expense of the lives millions of Africans, Native Americans and Mexicans who cultures were victimized by Western imperialism.

“Marley Lion’s so called ‘bright future’ was soaked in the unrestituted for sweat and blood of millions of Africans, Native Americans and Mexicans whose peoples and cultures were all brutally victimized by Lion’s forefathers.

“That Marley had only recently taken an American history course where he learned of his kind and country’s racially unrestituted for racial terrorism against us, the Native Americans and the Mexicans and yet find his kind and way of life acceptable demonstrates that he was unworthy of living the so called bright future so many claimed he had. It is astonishing that with such promise, he didn’t have enough love in his heart to, when surprised by an apparent peaceful reparations protest, not turn that protest violent, rightfully turn over claimed possessions and not lose his life.”

“But then, irresponsibly drunk and celebrating the atrocities of his kind, he parked the SUV he was driving, an SUV that should have been given in reparations, in that parking lot along Savannah Highway and again, like most of this country’s morally reprobate whites would do, turned a peaceful reparations protest violent and forced a brave young reparations protesters, through violent TAST denial, to defend himself,”  

According to pro white media,  Kelli O’Laughlin  was discovered late Thursday afternoon by her mother Brenda in their $500,000 suburban Chicago home with multiple stab wounds. … But, according to GhettoBraggingRights (GBR) sources, many in the community are drawing comparisons between O’Laughlin’s case and the 2007 case of twelve year old Emily Haddock. Haddock where Haddock is believed to have arraigned a game of “A Nigger Broke In My House & Robbed, Raped & Killed Me” with five local street niggas she’d allegedly made contact with through friends at her school.(More)

St. Louis Black Foot Soldier General Cedishon Angelou is calling for the arrest of racist GOP regime terrorist  Arizona representative Trent Franks after he made comment Angelous says are “terroristic threats” against the the he made against forty plus million blacks living in the US.

Interview developing…..

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