Slave Avenger Michael Thorpe


tf1b-spr3ngt3m2-m1st2r-AAHer (race criminal) dad (Rusty Ross), the “priviileged Jen Ross, great grand dad John Ross (who owned up to 400 African American slaves & forced thousands of Native Americans along the “Trail of Tears”) & (the hardest of them all) our own Michael “Slave Avenger” Thorpe! “We are as proud of bro Michael & his stand against the racially criminally Ross family as we are for brother Barrack Obama’s stands against racially terroristic white America, the West & illegitimate Israel,” Chatham County Black Foot Soldier Ebenezer Creek. Read more »

“All people in fht People of the Family of Color (POTFOC) need to beware of that long ago prophesied to be white devil,” says  leading Glax Haas race psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs. “Because all non people of color suffer from Psycho Racial Narcissistic Selective Caucassian Collectiveness Disorder (PRNSCCD and on days of a) sharp Ultraviolet Light surgers, b) intense Ground Level Ozone (GLO), or c) periods of long term global warming (a series of extremely warm to hot days in a row) whites will have harder times now differentiating between the already morally debased decisions they already make. Of course people of color’s lives will be in more jeporady than we normally are when we are normally around them – and those are already hight levels.”.

Did you know that there is a relationship between the often perversely violent psychotic episodes most often demonstrated by white people and days with sharp surges in ground level ultraviolet light radiation and that white on black racial attacks surge on these days too?  (UPDATE: National Curfew For Whites REISSUED: VIOLATERS RECEIVE MELANOMAS Yakub Ultraviolet Light Scientists Publish New Hours Whites Allowed Outdoors; Admonish Whites Not to Violate Restrictions)
upj-CWPA new study released by the Glax Haas Institute reports that when ultraviolet light surges in cities with already high ground level ozone black people are more likely to be discriminated against by whites and, too, that whites are more likely to have uncontrollable psychotic episodes that most often result in the mass killings of their families, neighbors, friends, co-workers, random others and or people of other races.
On the week when Stephen Kazmierzcak shot and killed numerous people on the campus of Northern Illinois, according to Glax-Haas data, Dekalb and surrounding cities, such as Chicago, were experiencing sharp surges in ground level Ultraviolet light.
Increased amounts of Ultraviolet light were also present on the day Houston mother Andrea Yates smothered her five children another report finds.