It is no secret that slavery rests at the foundation of American capitalism and is often synonymous with the sugar, tobacco, and/or cotton plantations that fueled the Southern economy. What many may not know is that slavery also rests at the foundation of many notable corporations. From New York Life to Bank of America, several companies have benefitted from slavery. Many of the companies even acknowledged their involvement in slavery and offered apologies in an attempt to reconcile their tainted history but, is an apology enough? Hell no!  (More)

In the 1830s, powerful Southern slaveowners wanted to import capital into their states so they could buy more slaves. They came up with a new, two-part idea: mortgaging slaves; and then turning the mortgages into bonds that could be marketed all over the world. (More)

Apologies cannot compensate an entire race of people for all of the social and economic ills they face as a result of their enslavement. They cannot address the residual effects of slavery. They cannot provide job opportunities to a race of people who are experiencing high unemployment rates. Apologies without action from the very systems they helped to create. Had it not been for slave labor, many corporations would not be where they are today and for these companies to acknowledge their involvement in slavery and then simply say ‘Oh, I’m sorry”, is to downplay their role in perpetuating the degradation are nothing more than a futile attempt to correct a wrong by pacifying the wronged.  (More)

Yusef Douglas

Yesterday 5:09 PM

And they’re still white trash.

Eric Scott

Yesterday 6:58 PM



I might have missed the point. The banking industry has been on welfare for years. Remember the Savings and Loan debacle. They had to be bailed out with hard earned tax dollars just like other corporate giants. I’m glad her mamma “ain’t on welfare”. I commend anyone who can find a way to make it. Too bad the big corporations cant make it on their own. Im still pissed that GM even exists. They were so mis managed that when they declared bankruptcy and were bailed out by tax dollars the first thing they did was to give their people at the top bonuses. This world is full of white trash +Yusef Douglas as well as trash from every other race out there. My heart goes out to anyone directly affected by the trash we have to live our lives around.  
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Yusef Douglas

Yesterday 7:02 PM

+Eric Scott Ours have been unfairly discriminated by from these systems for generations. Boo hoos to you, devil.

Eric Scott

Yesterday 7:15 PM

+Yusef Douglas
I really am trying to understand where your coming from here. Did I say something untrue? Big corporations and the rich that control them have been stealing from we the people for years. Banks that are mismanaged have been bailed out by your tax dollars and mine. The sign posted confuses me. It “appears” she is stating that her mom is not on welfare but the banks are. The banks should be the last entities receiving federal dollars due to mismanagement. Now  if her sign said “my mom is not on welfare so yours shouldn’t either” Well that would be a short sighted bigoted statement. As as far as being unfairly discriminated against? I have never denied that and have always been a champion against unfair practices and treatment that label any group of people being less important or automatically guilty. I commented on this post because I often comment on +M.O. Thomas post. MO stays on top of issues that need attention and I was seeking clarification on what he thought this sign was really about. If you gave me a bit of a chance you might see that I really am on your side. 
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Yusef Douglas

Yesterday 8:00 PM


But Eric, white America is the ‘big corporation’ that has been stealing from us and refused to make restitution for its crimes.  That you can*recognize*  the banks’ violations so clearly & not your own kind’s does make you the devil I referenced early and make your hypocrisy nauseating. Be on the side of justice and not ‘white’ justice. Thank you for your very thorough reply & patient demeanor. They are both very much appreciated.

(BREAKING UPDATE) NBFSN Divine Racial Karma translator has reportedly received a new message about the spectacular fire that took eighteen year old reparations offender Amber Deloach’s life from the unfaultering and unwavering cosmic principle that determines punishment or reward according to a race’s generational collective deeds.


“How we should feel for the great fire that now we know was directed by Divine Racial Karma that consumed this apparently self absorbed Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) Holocaust denier’s piggish life. For as we know to love those whom the Sun of God (Ra’s) light shines upon and are not leprosly consumed, we know that those his holy light shines upon with disdain are those he abhors and that those whom he loves should abhor those he abhors too; and, though they have lost their right to be judged according to the content of their character, how should we not want to abhor them?” Yclept reportedly released in an updated statement about the young racial terrorist’s fate.

 “Yes, according to the “Karmic Law of Damnation of the Final Reincarnation(s),” after the “forth and fifth generation of racial violator’s failure to make restitution for forefather’s racial atrocities their condemnation is without redemption and the punishment they receive for enjoying the fruits of their lifestyle  afforded to them due to kind’s racial exploitation of the Native Americans, Mexicans and Africans they enslaved, is to be multiplied infinitely so that their reprobate souls experience seven times more than the hurt and pain theirs inflicted upon others. For by these generations’ continues denial of restitution for their racial crimes, they show their support for their forefathers’ way and drink the very blood of their forefathers’ cups.”



(BREAKING) The Divine Racial Karma Killing of Vile Savannah Reparations Offender Amber Deloach; “We can only be relieved this eighteen year old racial terrorist can no longer terrorize our people through violent Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) Holocaust denial.” Chatham County Black Foot Soldier Ebenezer Creek; (UPDATE) That Divine Race Karma burned this pig dead in the single possession she loved the most, her car, should be a message to all Chatham County’s near one-hundred & forty-six hundred thousand white devils.”

(BREAKING) Reparations Offender Amber Deloach: UPDATE! “She was found dead inside a burning car,” Racist Savannah Police Regime reports; … “But did she burn to death enough & was her burning suppose to be multiplied by 7? ” Divine Racial Karma asks; NBFSN Divine Racial Karma translator translates new damning message from cosmic principle! 

“Did  suspected diret Trans Atlantic slave trade profiteer Ben Miree think his family would be able to go on forever without answering for their generational race crimes against blacks? Him and his family couldn’t and, according to the law of God – which places the sins of the unrestituted for sins of the fathers upon the heads of their son – neither can you and your family.” 

Mobile County Black Foot Soldier Azariah Curtis 

Reportedly, on the morning of the reparations protest staged against Kyser, his father, Ben,  says he was awakened by a phone call from a Mobile Police officer who told him his son was shot in the head  and that there was no hope for their son to recover. “That was the start of the worst day of my life,” It’s reported he said crying. 

“Fuck flagrant reparations offender Ben Miree’s tears,” Mobile County and Alabama Black Foot Soldiers are quoted as stating in a joint statment issued in condemnation of the State’s ongoing trial against new Black Foot Soldier icon Michael Lee and the other three defendants being tried by the State for defending themselves against Kyser Miree’s apparent violent white supremacist Holocaust denial. “Our communities and people are better off without this generational racial terrorist continuing to perpetuate the crimes of his racially terroristic forefathers by denying reparations.”


NOTE: Although NBFSN studies show 100% of violence in reparations protests is started by white reparations offenders who value their ill gained possessions over justice, 99% is used for statistical etiquette.

“White women are, by far, the most vehement, materialistic, and avaricious creatures on this planet. When white women go out into the sun, their skin color adopts an abhorrent pink shade aquired by letting meat rot out into the sun; so they must constantly spend money going to the tan to get a beautiful, light-brown tones like people of color,” says Yakub Muslim condemnation minister Malachi Nigaros.

“They deserve the sexual objectification they vocally denounce but their shallow behavior suggests they pride themselves in. Their dehumanization of our people during the slave trade while they were yet victims of their white male counterparts’ extremist sexism demonstrates their moral decadence.

“As the universe, because of their failure to make restitution for their generational race crimes, is now returning, with due interest, unto whites their evil, we must caution all people of color who are in relationships with these genetic recessives that as they are the closest to these racially psychotic hypocrites, if they cannot resist the calling of universe’s spirits of racial retribution when they asks to enter their souls they may find themselves fulfilling Divinity’s wrath against those who are now deny accountability for their forefathers’ race crimes.

See: Kidnapped, Raped & Killed: Did 15 Year Old Devil Ann Harrison Get The Racial Karma Her Kind Is Due & Were Roderick Nunley & Michael Taylor Assigned By Allah As Spirits Of Karma So Whites Reap What They Have Sewn?

“While their is great reward in heaven for obedience to being divine racial karma’s hands and feet and that there is even greater reward for the suffering the chosen must endure at the hand’s of the wicked (white) for the testimonies and sermons God demands be preached against them, we can never promote or glorify people of color resorting to the violence the universe is calling for.”