State Of Georgia

“The State of Georgia’s murder of our people is never surprising. But it cannot diminish the good works of our brother Troy Davis who on August 19, 1989 stood up against racist Savannah Police regime terrorist Mark MacPhail and demanded justice,” NBFSN General Cedishon Angelou is quoted as saying in a statement released across the network concerning his execution . “The State’s execution of this innocent and righteous man only bares witness to the continued legacy of racial terrorism & injustice ours have always faced from it. But the white people of Georgia are of their fathers – the devil. The works of their fathers they will do.”

“So called officer Mark Macphail was a piece of shit. Let us never forget that his family and supporters are generational race criminals and reparations offenders who have always supported white terrorism against people of color. Fuck Mark McPhail. Praise Troy Davis.”

Savannah Black Foot Soldier Ebenezer Creek

Davis was murdered by the State Wednesday night for what Savannah Black Foot Soldiers say was a justified self defense protest against White Police Terror (WPT). “By his very presence MacPhail engaged in a campaign of racial terrorism when he encountered our people at and around the area of the bus station. His execution brought relief to many.”

“Our brother Troy Davis died a martyr and a hero in our people’s historic struggle for justice against white terrorism. Racist Savannah police regime terrorist Mark MacPhail died in the way of his racially terroristic fathers. Fuck Mark MacPhail.”

Texas Black Foot Soldier Masontae Limbrick

Angelou declined to say whether he agrees with Soldiers across the State of Georgia who say the MacPhail family deserve to be spit at when seen in public.