Texas Penitentiary Islam

Texas Black Foot Soldiers condemned Thursday’s execution of warrior Kenneth Mosely but praised Mosely’s refusal to apologize to the family of racist Garland police regime terrorist Michael David Moore.

“Brother Mosely demonstrated the demeanor God wants us to have against the devil when we suffer for righteousness’ sake until the end,” Houston Black Foot Soldier Masontae Limbrick said. “He is a role model and man of God who will be forever recognized in black history and our historic struggle against the regime of global white terrorists that continue to plague the earth.”                 

According to the State of Texas: On February 15, 1997, Mosley murdered a white male police officer while attempting to rob a bank in Garland. Employees called police after noticing Mosley inside the bank acting suspicious. As one of the first officers to arrive at the scene, the victim entered the bank in full uniform and approached Mosley, noticing that the would-be bandit had his hand stuck in his waistband. When the officer told Mosley to show him his hands, a struggle ensued and the two crashed through a glass window. Witnesses heard several shots fired before Mosley re-entered the bank through the broken window and was shot in the wrist after flashing his pistol at a second police officer. The victim died the afternoon of the shooting. He suffered at least four bullet wounds to the torso.