The Glenna Kohl Melanoma Execution

According to NantucketYakub Muslims, 26-year-old Glenna Kohl’s thoughts were in the vain of her reprobate minded forefathers and unacceptable.

Relive The Glenna Kohl Melanoma Execution: Cape Cod Yakub Muslims Condemn Family’s “Fund For Hope”

According to sources, Kohl claimed she could beat melanoma and referred to it as a disease.

“This is the denial of the Devil,” says Nantucket Yakub Muslim Crispus Russwurm. “They are in denail of their guilt, atrocities and damnation.

According to other Western sources, Kohl was encouraged by her father, Robert who claimed Glenna desired to help others and felt obligated to spread the word about melanoma.”

“Wrapped in narcissism and self deceit, Glenna became an advocate of the West’s misinformation campaign about melanoma,” Russwurm said.

Though it is suspected she (Glenna) was told by Nantucket Yakub Muslims to denounce her race and testify of her wickedness, sources within the tight knit community would not confirm whether the contact was made.

“Melanoma gives cancer a bad name,” her father is quoted as saying. “It’s not one where the odds are of you winning.”

“Cape Cod whites are thoroughly reprobrate. Before The Sun of God, their values are abominable. Glenna’s lies and thoughts were an abomination before us and The Sun of God. Melanoma is not a cancer.

” It is the prophetic curse of Lakes of Fires God promised to burn evil in. We are thankful to all worshipers who spotted this creature.

“For, she (Glenna) was part of the evil prophesied to be executed. We present her as a slave left hanging from the tree: a warning to mankind of what awaits him.”

According to exiled Yakub Muslim minister Dr. Yakub Shaitan, we are passed the era of judging (white) men by the content of their character and must, now, as the Sun of God does, judge them according to the color of their skin.”

“The window of opportunity whites had to satisfy the Universe by making restitution for their innumerable atrocities against the other races of people on the planet has thorougly closed. We know this because of the blanket statement our Sun of God, Ra,  has made against them Eumelanin, the pigment responsible for the devil’s pale skin color is despised by the Ra. It singles him out for shamings of  melanomas, carcinomas, sarcomas, Actinic Keratosis, Basal Cell Carcinomas, Kaposi’s Sarcomas, squamous cell carcinomas, nodular melanomas, Intraocular Melanoma, Merkel cell carcinomas and Contagious Melanomas. While the white man presents them as cancers and ‘skin disorders’, they are curses. Ra hates Pheomelanoma. Ra hates white flesh.”


(Answer:) “Yes, White Peoples Skin Burns While They Sit in Church Too. There is no refuge for them from the Sun of God. Like the so called Jews wear a mask of religiosity whereby they call themselves God’s chosen people, white Christians wear a mask of religiosity that allows them to feel as though they are righteous because they go to church.”

Are Caucasian Atheists exempt from the damnation their kind face because they don’t believe in The Devil’s invisible God? No.

“Pheomelanin Becomes Carcinogenic When Exposed To Ultraviolet Light” (Western Science Admission Excerpt)