The Great Earthquake

With the promises of 72 dark-eyed virgins awaiting Soldiers who are killed by piggish devils when daring to stand up against direct and non direct Trans Atlantic slave trade reparations offenders  and the for-coming Great Earthquake, when all those who are imprisoned for righteousness’ sake shall be freed and their cells replaced with their captures, there are no reasons but fear and the love of life to keep you from standing up for the justice of reparations denied our immensely strong ancestors from the generational white race criminals of today,” says National Black Foot Soldier Network Counter Terrorism Minister Malachi Louis.

We know that the whites we face today are of their fathers the devil and the works of their fathers they will do. So, this tells us that they are most likely to turn our peaceful protests for them to turn over items claimed for reparations violent; and, while  Certainly against assaulting Holocaust denials you will have to defend yourself against them, Divinity has promised us great rewards in the eternal for our courage.
“3. White Police Are Terrorists & Have No Jurisdiction Over Us; 2. We Have The Right To Protect & Defend Ourselves Against Terrorism; 1. We Have The Right To Pursue Reparations Property From Whites,” Sanford, NC Black Foot Soldier Publish Declaration

In a Reparations Protest, when you ask a white to turn over their possessions, if, for example, you asked a white woman to turn over her purse or a white man to turn over his car, and he or she refuses, do we have the right to, then, take their property because of black slavery? Many brothers ask. 
BOW Reparations artist Nead Diggers says, “No Reparations, No Peace.”  BOW Reparations activist St. Nicolas Thief says: “we will call for an end to Black On White (BOW) crime when reparations are paid. National Black Foot Soldier Network spokesman Cedishon Angelou says, Reparations By Any Means Necessary.
In South Africa, because of whites’ denial of that they owe for their atrocities, when a legitimate government was finally seated, rather than whites doing the honorable thing and returning and making proper restitution for their race’s crimes and, thus, returning (with interest) all they’d stolen, the new government had to confiscate the property.  Of course the children of the thieves thought this action was wrong.