Theresa Jenkins

Lancaster County Black Foot Soldiers have issued a statement condemning the arrest of nineteen year old soldier Rodrick Caskey and reportedly are calling for him to be released into their custody.

 Caskey, who allegedly staged a reparations protest at the Shrimp Boat, was forced to defend himself against thirty three year old racist Lancaster police regime terrorist Brandon Rollins.

While Shrimp Boat restaurant owner Theresa Jenkins is currently classifed as a non direct profiteer of the Trans Atlantic slave trade,an investigation is underway to determine her family’s finances and, according to Lancaster County BFS sources, her and her family are guilty of  being “generational race criminals.”

“The denial of our Holocaust and the refusal to release items we rightfully claim as reparations is a racially terroristic threat and an assault we have the right to defend ourselves against,” says controversial South Carolina Black Foot Soldier Anthony ‘Norfolk’ Crawford.
Caskey’s courage in standing up against this family of generational race criminals and holding them accountable for their crimes is heroic.”

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According to Crawford, Caskey had the right to defend himself against State commissioned racial terrorist Brandon Rollins and Crawford condemned white media’s characterization of him as a representative of the law.

 “White males who wear State commissioned blue uniforms with badges and carry guns do not represent the law. They are dangerous racial terrorists whom we have the right to defend ourselves against. While we do not support violence, the history of these conscienceless and violent cave dwellers who present themselves as humans proves that we must always be ready to defend ourselves against their Holocaust denial and racial terrorism.

“Dr. Martin Luther King said ‘I have a dream one day we’ll be able to walk hand in hand’ with these devils, but he himself knew that was only a dream and that because of their reprobation, it would never come true.”