Tyrice Lavar Boyd

According to Mecklenburg County Black Foot Soldier contacts, controversial Meckleburg BFS Moses Grandy has issued a statement condemning the arrest of thirty two year-old Tyrice Boyd in the six year-old reparations protest of reparations offender Justin Dillon Ervin and his, then, seventeen year old and suspected “nigger word thinker” girl friend who it is believed instigated the alleged assault that led to Ervin’s death.

“We hear you devils when you thinking the word ‘nigger’!”

“Our goals for gathering here today  are to condemn the arrest of our brother Tyrice Lavar Boyd, to remind brothers and sisters of the importance of seeing so called ‘white police’ as State commissioned racial terrorists when they find themselves in situations where they might have to defend themselves against white police terror and to remind the County’s over 580,000 white reparations offenders that denial of claimed reparations in peaceful reparations protests are considered threats against ‘our lives’ and to warn local whites that with the arrival of the Ultraviolet light age, they should monitor they’re thoughts with great deliberation because, “we hear you devils when you thinking the word ‘nigger’!” Grandy reportedly slammed.

Mecklenburg County Soldier soldiers also report they used the gathering as the launch for a membership drive that will be going on throughout the first trimester of 2012.